DVD Subject List

Non-fiction, documentary DVDs and Blu-Rays are shelved with the General Collection books by LC call number.

Feature film DVDs are shelved near the Leisure section. Feature film Blu-Ray section is shelved behind the DVDs, next to the Music CDs.

Both sections are shelved alphabetically by first 3 letters of the title.

DVDs check out for 10 days with a limit of 4 audio/visual items at a time.  Audio/visual includes DVDs, Blu-Rays and Music CDs.

Alphabetical List of all DVDs

All Feature Films  

Academy Award Nominees


Art Foreign Language
Biology Geography
Business History – U.S.
Children’s (Rated G) History – World
Communications Literature
Country Studies Mathematics
Criminal Justice Music
Culinary Arts Physical Education
Economics Political Science
Education Psychology
Education – Higher Religion
Engineering Sciences
English Sociology
Environment Theatre