Magazines and Journals

East Central College Library subscribes to over 60 print magazines, journals, and newspapers. ECC students, staff, and faculty also have access to thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers through various online resources. ECC Library’s print issues check out for 10 days; a maximum of 6 at one time. To search for online journals and articles use the Articles and Online Resources.   Some resources are restricted to ECC students, staff, and faculty and may require logins.  Enter your name and ECC student ID # followed by EC (0123456EC) if login is required.

Popular magazines are shelved near the Window Wall or far left in the Library. The newest issues are displayed front-facing, while older issues are under the tilt shelving.  To search for a print journal at the Library use the Archway catalog.

Subject-specific journals are shelved in the book stacks.  There are 3 areas within the books.

  • Music – M
  • Art – N
  • Literature – PN

Newspapers are shelved near the Popular magazines and include the Washington Missourian and New Haven Independent News.  Newspapers are retained for the current month and do not check out.

If the ECC Library does not have access to a journal in print or electronically you can place a request through ArticleReach.  For assistance with an ArticleReach request please visit the Library Service Desk or submit a citation and your contact information by e-mail. You can also search for print journals located at Scenic Regional Library or Washington Public Library.  Please check that library’s website for hours.