Submitting Exams

As a means of helping to ensure exam security, we ask that you please communicate directly with the testing center(s) of your choice for exam delivery.

Union: uniontc@eastcentral.edu or 636.584.6550 or 6124

Rolla: rollatc@eastcentral.edu or 573.466.4076

Faculty may email their completed ECC Cover Sheet and exam materials to the appropriate testing center(s). Please make sure to include your departmental copy code for paper exams.

For accuracy and security purposes, a Testing Center cover sheet and roster of students to be tested is required of electronic and paper exams. Both will remain with the Testing Center. The cover sheet will serve as a communication device between faculty and the Testing Center, and the roster will aid Testing Center staff in making sure all exams are accounted for from start to end date.

We ask that you please submit your exam materials within 24 hours of the start date to allow for processing.

Retrieving Exams

The Testing Center asks that faculty or designated persons refrain from picking up exams before the end date. If exams are picked up before the end date, faculty will be required to initial on the roster for each student exam collected.

Please pick up exams at the indicated return location(s) on the cover sheet. If you are unable to come to the Union Testing Center yourself, please feel free to send a designated person (program clerk, faculty member) to pick up your exams or contact the Union Testing Center for other accommodations.

At the end of each semester, the Testing Center will purge testing files and any unclaimed exams will be filed and held until the end of the following semester.

Exam Administration

The Testing Center is designed to administer exams on an individual basis. It is not intended to take the place of classroom testing, and as such, only courses that have no scheduled classroom and/or meeting time are permitted to schedule exams in the Testing Center.

If your student(s) require special accommodations, such as a reader or scribe, arrangements must be made through the ACCESS office prior to the student taking the exam.

To provide documented recognition of faculty’s exam time limits, all paper exams will be time stamped. Electronic exams are automatically documented online. As a second record, all students’ exams and times, paper and electronic, will continue to be tracked though TutorTrac. Please note, students will be responsible for adhering to the designated time limit.

The last test will be administered an hour before close, no exceptions.

Grading of Exams

Testing Center personnel will not be responsible for grading exams.