Faculty FAQ

How do I submit exams to the Testing Center?

Faculty may drop off in person or email their completed ECC Cover Sheet and exam materials to the appropriate testing center(s).

Union: uniontc@eastcentral.edu or 636-584-6550 or 6124

Rolla: rollatc@eastcentral.edu or 573-466-4076

How do I pick up exams from the Testing Center?

Please pick up exams at the indicated return location(s) on the cover sheet. If you are unable to come to the Union Testing Center yourself, please feel free to send a designated person (program clerk, faculty member) to pick up your exams or contact the Union Testing Center for other accommodations.

If exams are picked up before the end date, faculty will be required to initial on the roster for each student exam collected.

What if I forget to mark or note a resource on the coversheet?

The Testing Center staff only allow the materials faculty have approved on the ECC Exam Cover Sheet, no exceptions. Please be sure to carefully review and mark all allowed resources.

Will you make copies of my exams?

The Testing Center will make copies of paper exams if a department copy code is provided on the ECC Exam Cover Sheet.

Will you scan and email my exams?

If extenuating circumstances prevent you from retrieving your exams, you may contact the Testing Center to request your exams be scanned and emailed.

Can I send my whole class to the Testing Center?

The Testing Center is designed to administer exams on an individual basis. If you are using the services of the Testing Center, a range of testing availability (a start and end date) is required for your whole class to complete testing.

Do you allow make-up exams?

If a student(s) misses an in-class exam, you may have that exam proctored in the Testing Center. Please provide an ECC Exam Cover Sheet and the students testing.

Will you proctor an exam in my classroom?

If extenuating circumstances require you to miss your in-class exam, please contact the Testing Center as soon as possible to arrange an in-class proctor.

Do students need appointments?

Students do not need an appointment to test.

If a student has approved accommodations, appointments are required for individual testing rooms.

Do you offer testing for ACCESS students?

Students with ACCESS services are permitted to test in the Testing Center. Please note all extended time and other accommodations on the ECC Exam Cover Sheet.

If approved, appointments are required to testing in the individual testing rooms.

Do you sell scantrons and bluebooks?

The Testing Center sells scantrons and Bluebooks.

Scantrons are $0.20

Bluebooks are $0.50

Do you grade exams?

We do not grade exams.