Admissions Forms

Depending on the answers that you provided on your Application for Admission, additional documentation may be required before you can be enrolled.

If you are required to provide any of this addition documentation, please submit it to:

East Central College
1964 Prairie Dell Road
Union, MO 63084

Application Correction Form

This form is used if a student makes an error on the Application for Admission.

Criminal Background Form

To request a Criminal Background check, login to the Missouri Automated Criminal History System (MACHS). The cost is $15.25.

Students with a criminal background must also submit a Personal Statement Form.

Download Personal Statement Form as PDF

More information on our policy regarding students with past felonies can be found in Board Policy 3.3 Admission of Students with Past Felonies.

For questions or concerns, please contact Admissions at or 636-584-6588.

Social Security Number Form

This form is used when a student submits an application without a social security number or needs to verify their information. Students should complete Part I ONLY, and list the social security number where it says Tax Identification Number. No additional information is needed. Forms can be emailed back to

Tuberculosis Test Form

East Central College requires any and all students answering Yes to one or more of the tuberculosis (TB) screening questions on the Application for Admission to complete the TB Test Form prior to enrolling in coursework (per Missouri Senate Bill 197). If the student has completed TB testing within the last 12 months, they can provide a copy of those results in lieu of completing this form.