Frequently Asked Questions for International Students and Athletes

All documents should be forwarded to Steffani McCrary, International Student Advisor at East Central College.

The preferred method is through e-mail to International phone calls will not be returned.

The monetary support from you and your family members is essential to be successful in college. The money covers expenses for rent, utilities, food, insurance, and transportation.

Yes, all student athletes need a physical on file with the athletic department before they can participate. All students need to have proof from a medical doctor of a negative tuberculosis test before registering for the first semester of classes at ECC.

Yes, all international and student athletes need to provide proof of US medical insurance. Medical insurance is needed at all times while in the US. Medical treatment is not free like in most countries with socialized medicine.

In most instances, traveler’s insurance must be for the period you will be staying in the US and cover all medical treatments. (Not recommended)

After all supporting documents are received in the International Admissions office, it will take 14 days to process and you will be notified of admission to the college and sent an I-20 via email.

Yes, it is the responsibility of the student to pay the mandatory SEVIS fee at the current rate.

The VISA is valid for 36 months. The student’s I20 allows for up to 30 months of coursework.

Do not book your ticket until you have your I-20 and receive your F-1 VISA from the US Embassy Office in your home country.

St. Louis-Lambert International is 55 miles from the East Central College Campus.

You need to bring your passport and F-1 Student VISA to Steffani McCrary to be entered into the SEVIS system.

Yes, but there are limited amounts of jobs on campus. You will also have to obtain a Social Security/ Department of Homeland Security Authorization number in order to work on campus which can be obtained by taking a letter from the prospective supervisor on campus and your class schedule to the Social Security Office.

Social Security Office
43 Prairie Dell Plaza, Suite 5
Union, MO – 63084
(800) 772-1213

No, international students cannot work off-campus jobs according to the F-1 Student VISA regulations.

You will need to check in with Steffani McCrary with your passport and student visa to be tracked in the SEVIS system a minimum of one week before you are scheduled to leave. You should not leave until your finals are completed and return prior to the start of the next semester.

International students are encouraged to live as close to campus as possible. There are options of living within walking distance of the campus. When living with roommates with a car, it is expected to contribute money towards fuel.

You can meet individually with your coach, athletic director, or a counselor in the Student Service Center to help with your adjustment to living in the United States and attending East Central College. We encourage you to contact family and friends often.

Set up an international plan on your personal phone. You should try to set up a Zoom account, or FaceTime with them over Wi-Fi, to talk directly with your parents or other family members. Email is the most preferred method. ECC does not provide international calling.

You should bring all clothing items- shirts, shorts, pants, and long sleeve shirts as well as shoes for training, a winter coat, pillow, sheets for a single bed. It is helpful to also bring cash for bed when you arrive. You can also purchase these upon arrival in the U.S. if you would prefer.

You will experience extreme heat in August with temperatures reaching 100◦F for multiple days. A mild fall during the months of Sept.-November. Cold winter months from December through February. Rainy season in March-May.

All essential items can be purchased at Walmart or Aldi. Both are located near campus.

Yes, the ECC Student Activities Director conducts campus intramural events. There are also many other special interest clubs and art, music, and theater performances on campus.

In order to be eligible for athletics, you must attend all class meetings and keep at least 12 hours for athletic eligibility. If you are dropped for non-attendance in a course by an instructor and you fall below 12 hours you are ineligible for intercollegiate athletic competition at the NJCAA level. Dropping below full-time can lead to a SEVIS violation and possible forfeiture of your I20. Please meet with your coach or Steffani McCrary before a situation arises.

Scholarships are for a fall and spring semester period and renewable for a second year at the discretion of the coach and athletic department based on academic and athletic performance.

After discussions with your coach and athletic director, you may be responsible for breaking an apartment lease and could possibly move in with another roommate.

One of the best ways to set up a bank account is to find out which banks in Union will accept monetary wires from foreign countries in order for your family to send you money with minimal fees.

You will be dropped from courses and not be allowed to register for the next semester. Once you are not enrolled in classes, you will also lose your SEVIS status, and your I-20 will be revoked.

You may be evicted from your apartment or utilities may be turned off.