Placement Test Preparation

452x254x10904614_10153515558457926_3087261543813622035_o-1024x576_jpg_pagespeed_ic_d2itgo0kMKFor students who are not bringing ACT or SAT scores with them, ECC uses the Compass as its placement test: the test that determines the reading, writing, and math skills that students are bringing to college. Compass scores are used to determine what classes students will be required to take, and low scores can mean one to three additional semesters of developmental (basic skills) courses in reading, writing, or math.

To avoid these classes and spend less money on tuition, take the placement test seriously. Use one or more of the following resources to prepare for the placement test and decrease the amount of time it takes to graduate.

  • ACT Compass Sample Questions: Get to know the kinds of questions you will be answering by looking at the sample questions on ACT’s website.
  • Learning Express Library: Go to any East Central library location or MOREnet library to sign up for a free account. The College Center has review materials and placement test preparation materials for math, reading, grammar, writing, and science.
  • Use this website to brush up on the math skills needed to do well on the placement test. Take a quick assessment and follow a customized study plan for improving your math skills.
  • Compass Writing Practice Test Page: This website provides sample test questions set up just as they are in the Compass test. After finishing each sample, the website shows missed questions.

Students who do score low on any portion of the Compass need not worry. Enroll in a free bridge course to brush up on essential reading, writing, and/or math skills—and potentially test out of one or more developmental classes.