Nursing Graduates Presented With Awards

Nursing Graduates Presented With Awards

June 3, 2020 |

Five East Central College nursing graduates were presented with awards from the Nursing Program and instructors.

ECC Outstanding Student Nurse Award

Crystal Murphy was presented the Rolla ECC Outstanding Nursing Student Award. Instructors Laura McDonald and Heather Sluis presented the award.

Margaret Ruether was presented with the Union ECC Outstanding Nursing Student Award by instructors Judy Bieker and Dr. Connie Wissbaum.

To be considered for the ECC Outstanding Nursing Student award, ECC has had to make a difference in the life of the student.

For most of them, had ECC not been in their community, they most likely would not have realized the dream of becoming a nurse.

The award winners must also display success in the classroom and the clinical setting.

Spirit of Clinical Excellence Awards

Three ECC nursing student graduates were presented with Spirit of Clinical Excellence Awards.

Union Nursing graduate Ciara McDonald was presented the Missouri Baptist Spirit of Clinical Excellence Award by faculty members Judy Bieker and Heather Sluis.

Benton Frala, also a Union Nursing graduate, received the Mercy Spirit of Clinical Excellence Award from instructors Judy Bieker and Kelly Adkins.

ECC Nursing graduate Jesseca Medlock was presented the Phelps Health Spirit of Clinical Excellence Award. Nursing Instructor Laura McDonald gave her the award.

To be consider for the Spirit of Clinical Excellence Awards, the graduate nurse must:

  • Demonstrate characteristics of caring & compassion
  • Demonstrate the spirit of inquiry
  • Demonstrate exceptional critical thinking and decision making
  • Demonstrate superior organizational skills & the ability to effectively prioritize.

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